New Jersey Home Keeper Program will Aid between 2,500 – 4000 Households Statewide


Trenton, NJ – September 23, 2010 – (RealEstateRama) — The Christie Administration announced today that New Jersey will receive $112 million in federal funding for anti-foreclosure assistance to help struggling homeowners. The allocation will be distributed to the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (HMFA) through the Hardest-Hit Fund, a federal foreclosure-prevention initiative. The New Jersey Home Keeper (NJHK) program, to be launched in 2011, will be administered through the HMFA and is designed to assist unemployed and underemployed homeowners make their monthly mortgage payments for up to 24 months.  
“New Jersey homeowners have been hard hit by the national foreclosure crisis,” said Governor Christie.  “Otherwise hard-working individuals who qualify deserve this support to get through the remainder of this recession while keeping their homes and family life intact.”
Since 2006, foreclosures have skyrocketed nearly 200 percent in the Garden State. 
The New Jersey Home Keeper program will provide a zero percent interest rate, deferred payment mortgage loans to unemployed and underemployed homeowners, who through no fault of their own, are financially unable to make their mortgage payments and are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. The program allows time for the homeowner to seek re-employment or complete job training programs.  The assistance will also help with mortgage arrears that may have accrued due to lost employment income. 
Loans will be capped at $48,000 per household and will not exceed 24 months.  The average assistance loan is expected to be $38,000.
“Governor Christie and other state leaders have worked to address foreclosures in New Jersey,” said Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Commissioner Lori Grifa and New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency Board Chairperson.  “With these federal dollars in place, our program will not only help New Jersey households make their mortgage payments, but ensure that the assistance will lead to sustainable homeownership.”
“Through this plan, the Agency will provide resources that were previously unavailable to struggling borrowers,” said Anthony Marchetta, Executive Director for the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency. “I am pleased that the HMFA will play an active role in this initiative. The assistance will be delivered quickly and efficiently to qualified New Jersey residents who are at risk of losing their home due to unemployment or substantial underemployment.”

For information on HMFA foreclosure programs as well as all other HMFA programs, log on to

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  1. i have been going threw a hardship since , april of 2009. my sister died at 54 of kidney cancer,an i got layed off from my job. in july i went threw A home finicial service, got in contact with us bank when i got layed off was unable to pay 1,487.00 at 6.25 interest rate.i had a lost of income so i tryed to get a jump on getting help, since i new i was unable to do so, A home has got them to moditf. my loan only to have them want me to continue to payment the org. mortgage payment, i can not afford this at all they have drained my account, i payed over 6 thousand to them in 2 month an have $4.06 left in my account. i have lived here for 18 years brought my home with my ex-husband divorced in 2005, i have 2 boys in college 19 in 20, had cancer n hep c treatments 3 surgeries, i have done my best to maintain an need guides an help, i do not want to lose my home all my bills are behind now i use oil heat an have a high eletric bill, please if u can help me it would be a blessing in my life an childrens life i have no family but a brother ,mother n father passed along with my sister i have no one to help us u can reach me at 856-220-3226 thank u much anna m willis

  2. My family is in desprate need of some help…..I am a stay home mom with two great kids ….kaylie is 7 and a high energy little girl and my son daniel is 9 ..he was born with a life long threatning eating disorder called prader willie syndrom..every day is a struggle for him….My husband is an auto mechanic and loves his work…Two years ago we seemed to be struggling with our bills due to the economy.we started using a line of creidt to help pay our morgage. after a year in a half of that we used our loan up.we contacted gmac to let them know of our hardship and after being behind on a few payment we asked for a loan mod…this is where all our problems began…….first they put us in a trial base period where we were only able to pay by mail. june, july , august of 2010 was the trail period. we made sure we paid this trail because it was perfect and really helped ..but then they said they did not recive the last months payment …it was lost …at this time they said i was in forclosure and made me cry over the phone…i asked what to do and they told me to fill out another mod application now we were afraid and new they was not trying to help us….during all this we tried to make payments but told us not to and that they will just send it back…so at this time we got a laywer and a month after, my lost his job on 12/31/10….so here we are ….we need a miracle….please help us…

  3. My Family is in need of this program. We are in a ARM Mortgage and have been since 2006. We Tried working with NACA 8/2009 to Jan 2011 for a year with no results and ask them to release us from their assistance and have yet to receive a release in writing. We started working with a program (HARP) that is trying to get our Mortgage Modified and or obtain a forberence since Jan 2011 and so far have not heard from BOA as to wether they will accept us in that matter. My Husband and I are on SSD, we are raising our grandson who is ten now since he was five. My daughter has been out of work since November 2008 and her unemployment ran out this past July, My daughter and I have cashed in my small profit sharing and her 401k from her previous job to keep her a float until she gets a job and attempt to pay mortgage and other expenses. We are fading fast. We need a application for the Home Keeper Program as soon as it becomes available. I called last month and was informed it should be soon,possibly March…We have lived in our home since 1999….the first home we have owned and really want to be able to pass it on to our children and hopefully theirs…..Please Help Us Realize That Dream….Thank You….Mary A Crawley

  4. I am widowed with two children. This program is my last hope of keeping my home. After going through an aggravating and stressful year an half of trying to have my loan modified through HAMP and providing all the documentation required on a timely basis and completing three trial periods, I was dropped from the program (reason given was that I did not provide information on time, this was not true. It was nothing but a sham and a vicious cycle by the bank. I feel the Obama/HAMP program has not been taken seriously by banks without much regards as to the intent and purpose of the millions of dollars banks received from the goverment, to assist homeowners) and was made an offer from Wells Fargo lowering my payments by $95 a month. This has not been of much relief to my situation. I was unemployed for fourteen months and used up all of my savings. I accepted a civil position earning $25k a year because as we all know there are few jobs out there. I have taken study courses to improve my skills and increase my chances of placing a position where my income will increase. Until the economy turns around in our great country I hope this Home Keeper Program gets under way soon and is able to assist me and others in the effort to keep our homes.

  5. would like an application for the HomeKeeper program. we have been struggling since m husband lost his job 2 years ago. He is sixty. I am 64 and on social security disability. would really appre4ciate Sen Melendez to give us some help.

  6. The program started 5/8/2011. For NJ residents visit to apply. I recommend meeting with a housing counselor to go over your options. They will also provide Debt & Budget eduction and help you choose the best option to apply for. Also visit for a list of all options that are available through the government sponsored program. They also have a HOPE hotline to connect you with a housing counselor. As a counselor in the field insure that you keep detailed notes of your communications with your lender. Send documents via scan (email) to your lender to insure confirmation of receipt if able. WARNING!!You should never have to pay for housing counseling since counselors should be HUD approved. You should never have to pay to get help applying for these programs. Visit for a qualified professional.


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