NJ Wants Lower Property Taxes, It’s Time For Our Voices To Be Heard
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NJ Wants Lower Property Taxes, It’s Time For Our Voices To Be Heard


WASHINGTON – June 23, 2016 – (RealEstateRama) — The issue that in every poll that you see for my lifetime has been named by the people of New Jersey as the most important issue: reducing property taxes. The 2% cap has restrained property taxes and if we pass this school funding formula, you will see why the 2% cap is so important because if you give them all this money, believe me they’ll want to spend it. But with a 2% cap they’ll only be able to spend 2% of the new money they get.

The 98% has to go back to you, where it came from, in the first place. And I suspect, that when we stop encouraging the idea that money equals achievement and when we start supporting the methods put in place by these charter schools in urban areas that are showing such extraordinary achievement at a fraction of the cost, that we can fix the urban education problem at the same time. Necessity is the mother of invention everybody.

If we give everybody $33,000 a year to graduate 66% of their students they’re just going to keep doing it. If you tell them that the charter school down the street graduates 89% of their students with half the money- maybe they might want to wander down the street and see how they’re doing it. And maybe we could break the special interests of the state on the old orthodox. It’s up to us. I’m going to be the voice for this and I welcome as many people to this cause as are willing to join me. 75% of the districts in the state do better, it’s time for your voices to be heard. It’s been 30 years of a failed social experiment by a group of lawyers in black robes.

It’s time for the people to take control back of this issue and apply common sense to it. Every child in this state deserves to be treated equally. And every child in this state deserves an education that prepares them for the job or the education that they want to pursue. We’re failing on both fronts and it’s an unacceptable failure because we see the solution in front of us because we just choose not to do it because we don’t have the will. I have the will. And I think you do too.

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Brian Murray


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